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Wednesday, January 25, 2009
Alright, so, I know I haven't done much in several days, but hey, I'm doing a lot of learning and thinking, and I had some issues in my personal life, so yeah, bear with me. Anyway, I just changed the background color of my menu bar on the site, so it makes it easier to read. I'm also debating on what page to build next. I'm going to probably aim for the about page first, but it depends on how I feel about writing it. Anyway, that's it for now.

Wednesday, January 15, 2009
Decided to redesign the layout tonight. I think this works so much better. Links are now on the main page, and I added the Comic section link. We'll se what happens from here, but I think it's going to be full speed ahead from this point forward. Well, at least where the layout is concerned. Stay tuned.!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
As usual, my updates are far and few between, but I think I've finally worked out a design I like. It's more of a top-down design than anything else, and I think it makes the site flow better. The only thing I'm truly dissatisfied with is the Links page, which is the only other page online now. I just don't like that I'm dedicating one page just to links. So I think I'm going to put the links on all pages instead, as a right side content bar of some type. Which means resizing the main window itself to make it fit. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

So what else is going on? Well, I also added my HL Stats to the site. They show you how I'm doing on the OverClocked Remix Team Fortress 2 server. I think I'm doing well, considering how often I play these days.

Another game I'm playing right now, which is highly addictive, is Left 4 Dead. It's a great game from Valve, and believe me when I say, it's loads of fun. You are one of four survivers of a "zombie apocalypse" and have to escape the city or country side in which you are trapped. But between you and each of the safe houses you are trying to get to are a legion of undead. There's plenty of game play modes, especially in Multiplayer, so you know you'll never run out of things to blow up or friends to kick zombie butt with! So check it out here! Oh yeah, you can get it on PS3, XBox 360 and, of course, PC. Just a hint, I play on PC.

So that's it for now. I'm going to keep on tinkering, and eventually work up the nerve to start up the comic again. I've also got a load of projects on my plate right now, one of which is editing ThaWiki over at ThaSauce. So updates might be slow as I'm going to slowly work my way through everything. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 11, 2009
Well, just a little update here for your viewing pleasure. I've been working on the site for a few hours, and I decided to check the validation of the site against the standards from the W3 Consortium. Well...let's just say, I won't be winning any prizes for my adherance to the standards. But otherwise, site production is going well. I just want to polish the main page first before tackling the other pages so I have a template to work off of. So check back often, I'll try to have more when I can. Oh yes and also I bought a new house today!! So special thanks have to go out to Charles Rose (estate agents in Warwickshire I think), who set me up with the really great pad :)

Also, the Philadelphia Eagles won their game today against the New York Giants, and they are now on their way to the Championship game! Now, all that's left are the Pittsburg Steelers and their game against the San Diego Chargers. I wonder who will win. Need your fill of sports, go to the NFL Official Web Site.

Wednesday, January 11, 2009
Oh ho ho ho! Whatever is this? Finally an update? Oh yes, yes indeed, it IS an update. Well well, it's been too long, and I've been itching for an update myself. It's a new year, with new happenings, and I'm going to share them right here. So let's get down to it.

First up, I bought a few games since last time. Got myself into Left 4 Dead, awesome game, multiplayer is the BEST aspect. Secondly, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm for PS3 (obviously). Great game, the graphics are tight, and it feels like you're living the manga in game format. Thank you Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2 for a good game. Next up, since I didn't do this when it came out originally, I went and did it now, I bought Mario Kart Wii. That game is TONS of fun, and I can't wait to play it with friends!

So, the other thing I wanted to talk about is this site. So I'm still in the process of getting things ironed out. Justin Aaron of, my best friend, suggested that I start up a comic that he and I were working on when he last reformatted his original web site, The Kremlin, which by the way, is a Snatcher fan site, so go check it out. Trust me when I say that I have the utmost respect for him, he's been running that site since 2000. Almost nine years, keep on rockin' dude!

With all that in mind, I'm starting up once again, finally getting things done. Hopefully by this time next year, yours truly will be rockin' this place. Until then, keep it here, and I'll do my utmost to keep it updated! Til then, keep it real.